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Small investment. Big Transformation.

You’ve found the wallpaper you absolutely love and now you’re wondering whether to hang the wallpaper yourself or pay a professional to hang it for you. 

Let’s face it – hanging wallpaper can take a lot of trial and error, frustration and cost before you get things right. Peeling seams and mismatched patterns: would you really like to have those mistakes on display for years to come? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to bypass the frustration and hire a professional wallpaper hanger? 

Hanging wallpaper is not easy. It takes time and hanging complex patterned and very expensive wallpapers requires skill and experience. Many homeowners know DIY wallpaper installation is possible, but they also appreciate that a professional installer can save you time, money, heartache and possibly even your relationship.

Meet Jason Roxburgh

Jason Roxburgh has over twenty-five years’ experience hanging wallpaper and puts a lot of attention into making sure clients get a quality finish that will last for years. For excellent wallpaper installation, contact Jason Roxburgh.

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Special skills mean special results

Prompt and clean – Jason Roxburgh comes prepared with all his tools, tables, and sponges; he just needs water, then he’s good to go. He can work with crooked walls, hang paper in the most finicky fashion, and attend to minute details, all without mucking up your home.

As a full-time wallpaper hanger, Jason does nothing else but hang wallpaper. He works with designers, contractors, and the general public, and feature walls and bathrooms are his specialities. 

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professional wallpaper hanger

Experienced, careful wallpaper installation 

Always mindful of clients’ homes and belongings, Jason makes a point not to intrude on busy lifestyles. 

If you are in central Auckland and would like a true professional to tackle your tricky wallpaper hanging job, get in touch. Jason Roxburgh is the expert wallpaper hanger Auckland central homeowners have relied on for over 25 years. Call 027 450 1980.

When to leave it to the professional paper hangers like Jason Roxburgh:

  • If you want to wallpaper a powder room. Cutting around lighting, sinks, towel hooks, and toilets needs a professional.
  • If you’re wallpapering a wall or an entire room with multiple windows or objects to cut around, hire a professional.
  • If your dream wallpaper has an intricate pattern, is more expensive than most, or is vintage, hire a professional.

Transform your walls the way you want

Modern wallpaper and printing options offer you endless choices for feature walls, creating something special in your home. Jason can install:

Wall vinyls

Perfect when you need something hard-wearing and easy to repair, such as in bathrooms and kitchens.

Wallpaper murals

Get art onto a wall in a big way. You could even get your own photos printed onto the paper for a really personal touch.

Floral wallpaper

Bright wallpapers offer an easy way to brighten a room

3D effect or metal effect wallpaper

This type of wallpaper produces a great effect but needs skilful hanging as it shows every imperfection.

Grass wallpaper

This decorative wallpaper is made from a type of grass woven onto a paper backing. It is common in Asian countries and works well in restaurants.

What our customers say…

Thanks Jason, it looks beautiful! Delighted to have worked with you on this. I hope that I can call on your services again soon.

Yvette, February 2020

Wallpaper hanger in Auckland

Simply get in touch and let Jason know about the room to be papered, the height and length of wall in question, any particular features Jason needs to know about, such as windows, doors, heat pumps or wall conditions, type of wallpaper you would like hung (you can get this information from the badge / name number or range on each roll), where you live in Auckland and the time frame in which you’d like the wallpaper hanging done. Jason will then get back to you with an estimate for install. Jason hangs all kinds of specialty papers and practises his craft the old-school way with proper wall preparation. 

Professional wallpaper installation is a good investment 

When you hire a professional, you’re paying for their experience; they have provided this service thousands of times before and will be able to complete the wallpapering project much faster.

There’s more to wallpaper installation than just sticking up the paper. The preparation of walls is all important. They may need to be prepped and primed, something Jason Roxburgh always pays particular attention to. He is the wallpaper hanger Auckland designers and private clients love because of his passion for detail.

For best results, hire a professional

For professional wallpaper installation, contact Jason Roxburgh by completing the contact form and explaining what you’d like done at your place. Central Auckland is where most of his clients are from, but he’s free to work anywhere in Auckland, providing the details can be worked out.